I’m rahul rathore a Transportation Design student   love the international experience and the challenges, that it brings.

Transportation design student  / graphic designer with broad experience with all aspects of design & art. Particularly interested in concept creation/visualization/ and design management. Focusing in rendering artistic beauty.

i’m a biker by passion and I have always been passionate about creating usefully innovative motorcycle with sustainability in mind. I set high expectations for my products and enjoy working toward improving people’s lives and make them happy through my designs . As a very  self motivated individual. i have worked with publication house and graphic design studios in the past as a freelance graphic designer

Having had experience working in a variety of areas in design , applied art , advertising , my technique involves an abundance of solutions for any type of work.

i am a indian and My native language is hindi and I am also fluent in both English. I am eager to learn and challenge myself to adapt to different thinking processes.

my objective is to secure career position where proven creative transportaion design experience will be valuable . desire career growth based on performance and accomplishments. aspiring the encompass long term work .

Strong ideation, , and Research all while communicating with a clear marketing and branding strategy and sketches. Model making and finishing, Rendering,

Areas of interest:
Transportaion design ( motorcycle ) | Large Space Graphics design | Brand design and development| graphic art |

Team player, Good conceptual design and visualization skills, Strong ideation, Excellent 2D/3D skteching skills, Digital Visualisation, digital Rendering ,Project management, Public Speaking and Interpersonal skills , Concept development, Form development , Design Process implementation, Intermediate clay modelling.
modeling & prototyping skills (sculptures and modal from waste material ).

Design Softwares known:
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk sketch book pro , Corel Draw , Autodesk Alias automotive , Coral painter,

Presentaion software known:
Microsoft power point

Hold your seats & Enjoy my work  🙂

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