local motor design competition – DRIVEN

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Titli is a concept design study of what our next generation compact car should look like for the city bangalore (india) . you  realize the resemblance between this design and Butterfly , because Titli is actually inspired by the flying Insect . This bike uses the solar energy with totally new and different design approach. The design itself came from a delicate research of one particular insect– Butterfly, a very interesting insect with its distinctive look , colours and feather. This beautiful Insect gives the life and form to the Compact Car titli .The word Titali is a ( hindi ) name of Butterfly. The reason to give a Butterfly theme in a design process because butterfly is full of fun , colours , flying feeling .Titli is powered by solar energy The Titli is meant for people who are young at heart and like to be different . Because Banglore city Is full of college going students and young Professionals . through analysis i found that bangalore city main social problem is Parking and Titli is a  solution for Bangalore   from my point of view . Titli contain hydrolic axle which make parking a car very convinient Its a fun concept to drive in city like Bangalore .

TITLI poster

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